• View looking up at the water tower from the base with a big work truck parked.
  • Old exterior photo of the Power Plant.
  • Exterior of the old City Hall.
  • A large group of passengers inside the Interurban.
  • The Interurban running next to Jackson Street.
  • Interurban station with train parked.
  • Old photo of the Union House Hotel.
  • Couple window shopping.
  • Window display at Lauterbach's Men's Wear.
  • Window of Central Dry Goods with clothes and signs.
  • Central Dry Goods building pictured behind the America's Dairy Land Past and Present parade float.
  • Old photo of the exterior of the Bannenberg Funeral Home.
  • Exterior of the Grundke residence.
  • Old abandoned building south of Groth Hardware on Washington Avenue.
  • Groth Hardware store with Henry Groth Jr. standing in the doorway and the delivery truck stands at the left.
  • Before its renovation in 1987 to serve as Cedarburg’s City Hall, this venerable limestone structure on Washington Avenue served generations of local students as Cedarburg High School.
  • The building now known as the Lincoln Building was constructed in 1894 to serve as the Cedarburg Grade School.
  • Interior shot of Wirth's Service Department.
  • Service department men standing with John Deere service Wirth Department Store pickup.
  • Rows of shoes and stacks of shoe boxes.
  • Women browsing dry goods in Wirth's Department Store.
  • Interior of IGA Grocery with rows of food.
  • Exterior black and white shot of Wirth's Department Store.
  • Lehmann Brothers Hardware building with an old car parked out front.
  • The Cedarburg Methodist Church in the snow.
  • The First Immanuel Lutheran Church in construction.
  • Old shot of the First Immanuel Lutheran School which is currently an orthodontics office.
  • Group of gentlemen outside of the Advent Lutheran Church painting the fundraiser goal.
  • Exterior front shot of the Advent Lutheran Church.
  • Old photo of Trinity Lutheran on Columbia Road; it was built in 1890.
  • St. Francis Borgia at the south end of Washington Avenue, and was constructed in 1870
  • One of the first television models being sold in the window of Armbruster Jewelers.
  • Old photo of the front exterior of Armbruster Jewelers.
  • Parade with the marching band and in the background is Hickmann's National Foods and Lumpe Electric.
  • Old photo of the Washington House, which was built in 1886.
  • Old photo of the Cedarburg Mill that was built by Frederick Hilgen and William Schroeder in 1855 to provide custom grinding and mixing for area farmers.

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