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Lost & Found Report Form

  1. Ozaukee Interurban Trail
  2. Use this handy online form to report lost and found items on Ozaukee Interurban Trail. Items can be brought into our office and we will post information on the Trail website for the public to see.
  3. Your Contact Information To effectively return lost items, we need your contact information to follow up with both you and the owner of the lost item.
  4. Do you have a digital picture of the item?... if so, email photo
  5. The Ozaukee Interurban Trail Advisory Council is not responsible for lost and found items. This form is forwarded to the Ozaukee County Planning & Parks Department Office, Administration Building - Room 223, 121 W. Main Street, Port Washington, Wisconsin 53074.
  6. Thank you for participating in the Lost & Found Reporting Program!
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