Human Services


121 W. Main St.
Port Washington, WI 53074



People in every community experience problems, which can seriously affect them, their families, and their neighbors. In Wisconsin, the law requires that counties determine what public help will be offered to people suffering from mental illnesses, developmental disabilities and chemical dependency. The Counseling Center is a state-certified mental health, alcohol and other drug abuse outpatient clinic, which offers Ozaukee County residents a wide range of services provided by clinical social workers, chemical abuse counselors, psychiatrists, and psychologists. Some various duties of this office include: Child Protective Services (Child Abuse), Juveniles, Elderly Abuse and Care, Home Aids (Housework), Family Services, Licensed babysitter and Daycare, Intake and Access Workers, Title 19 and 20, Limited Relief, Welfare, Medical and Heat Assistance, Food Stamps, Financial Aid, Caseworkers, Low Income Housing, Energy Assistance, Child Foster Care and Group Home Care, W-2, Community Options Program (COP), COP-Waiver, Long Term Support, Parent Aids and Custody Studies.

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Drake, Liza Director