Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church - Freistadt

The oldest Lutheran church in Wisconsin will celebrate its 160th anniversary during October. As part of this celebration, the church has made arrangements for the use of a silver chalice that Martin Luther gave to his sister as a wedding gift nearly five centuries ago. The chalice will be used in connection with the celebration October 8 through October 10.

In 1839, 40 Pomeranian German families bought more than 1,000 acres of land in the western part of the Town of Mequon. This area was given the name Freistadt, which loosely translated means "free city". These people came in search of religious freedom and held their initial church service that same year. They then became the first German Lutheran church in Wisconsin. The first church was a small log cabin.

The present stone church was built in 1884. The historical marker was erected in 1959, the same year that the black and white photo was taken.
Old photo of the exterior of Trinity