H.H. Peters Youth Camp


Construction Update 2022

The Planning and Parks Department recently completed a project at HH Peters Youth Camp to improve ADA accessibility and update aging infrastructure.  Specifically, this included renovations to the men's and women's bathrooms, construction of an additional, ADA accessible bathroom, and modifications to the kitchen and safety room areas.

H.H. Peters, June 2022

Scenic Camp & Facilities
This 40 acre property is mostly wooded, with numerous hiking trails, and several secluded sites for coordinating group activities. These camp facilities are available throughout the year and offers access to the Milwaukee River and secluded woodlands, so bring some fishing gear or spend some time with the group in the main hall or around the camp fire.

This Youth Camp is a scenic spot with lots of activities to offer. Wishing to get away with your group then our facility is ideal for youth groups and others to enjoy the solitude of nature, without traveling far away from home. 
H.H. Peters Youth Camp Offers 
  • Fishing
  • Hiking trails
  • Meeting hall with showers and restrooms
  • Pavilion
  • Picnic area

Hawthorne Park, HH Peters and Pioneer Village Brochure 


The reservation fee for qualifying youth groups (i.e. Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, 4H, etc.) is currently $55 per day, while all other groups is $225 per day. Camp reservations can be made on our Reservations Page.

Please call the Planning & Parks Office at 262-284-8257 for questions about reservations.


For questions about H. H. Peters Youth Camp, contact the park caretaker at (262)483-8806.

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Camp History
This camp was started in 1964, and is named for Herb Peters. Herb served as the Ozaukee County Highway Commissioner for many years. After his retirement, he took the part time job of Park Commissioner. Herb died on September 17, 1982. 

Camp Entrance & Access

There is a gated entrance to the driveway that leads to the main hall, where you can park and access the pavilion areas and hiking trails that traverse most of the property. Several of the wooded walking trails also provide access to a secluded picnic area and the Milwaukee River. Canoe access to the river is possible, but limited to personal carrying. 

Other Amenities & Rules

Firewood and grills are available for cooking, however, fires are allowed only in the grills provided. Camp facilities are available throughout the year. 

The main building fits 40 to 50 sleeping bags or holds 100 persons for sledding / meeting sessions. The main building also contains toilet facilities and showers, 2 each for boys and girls.

The east side of the camp has access to the Milwaukee River where you can enjoy the view or fish. Along the west side of the camp, there is a pond that is also open to fishing. This pond does not allow boating due to its proximity to the golf course, and entry to the course grounds are strictly prohibited. Due to the minimal development and mature forest canopy, bird watching can be very rewarding, one may even catch a glimpse of an osprey or bald eagle that travels the river corridor.