Interurban Trail

Vegetation Management Along the Trail

American Transmission Company (ATC) will be performing vegetation maintenance along some areas of the Ozaukee Interurban Trail. The vegetation removal will begin on January 14th. Please see the attached map provided by ATC for the specific areas where vegetation removal will occur.

OIT Vegetation Management

Chris Kegel Day

The 3rd of October is Chris Kegel Day in Ozaukee County. Along with the Kegel family, you are invited to join in a casual bike ride on the Ozaukee County Interurban Trail to the ribbon cutting at the Trail Bridge Park.

Starting at the Grafton Village Pool parking lot, we'll take a slow roll along the Interurban Trail to the Trail Bridge. Stay tuned as details unfold! 
Milwaukee Public Radio posted a great article about connecting 400 miles of Wisconsin bike trails! You can read it by clicking here.
Bike article
Interurban Trail Map and Scale