Child Care Assistance

Information for Families

The Wisconsin Shares Child Care Subsidy Program supports low-income working families by subsidizing a portion of the cost of quality child care. The parents or caregivers need to be working or participating in another approved activity. Low-income working families with children under the age of 13 may be eligible for Wisconsin Shares. Wisconsin Shares only pays a portion of the child care costs. The amount of your Wisconsin Shares subsidy amount depends on your family’s income and size.
Families must be income eligible and be in a qualifying activity.

The qualifying activities include:
  • Working
  • Participating in W2 (Wisconsin Works) or FSET (Foodshare Employment and Training)
  • Attending basic education or college courses while working at least 20 hours per month. There is a 24 month limit to Wisconsin Shares subsidy for school attendance.
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Providers must be certified, licensed or operated by a Wisconsin Public School Board. The child care provider must participate in the YoungStar Program and have a quality rating of at least 2 stars.