Disability Services

Services for Children with Developmental Disabilities


The goal of disability services is to help family support their child with a disability in the home and community. Supports / services are based on the specific needs of the child and individualized outcomes that the family would like to see for the child. Children's services can cover children from birth to age 22, based on level of care and other factors and programs.


The Ozaukee county Department of Human Services provides services that encourage participation in the community for consumers with developmental disabilities. Services are designed to give consumers access to the same opportunities and responsibilities people without disabilities experience, like going to community events. The service is available for children who are Ozaukee county residents and under the age of 17 years.

Services are individualized and based on individual and family needs. Plans for services follow assessments conducted by case management staff and may involve enrollment in state or federal long-term care programs. In some of the programs we administer, waiting lists may apply.


The financial support for these services comes from a combination of federal, state and county sources. Additionally, strong emphasis is placed on soliciting informal community assistance to help support families. Some programs require a parental cost share for services. By far the greatest sources of revenue are from the federal and state levels of government.

General Eligibility

An individual's eligibility for the desired program(s) must be determined before he / she can receive services or be placed on the waiting list for services. As part of the preliminary determination, a case manager will assess the functional and financial requirements as well as the person's need for long term support services.
  • Age 17 or younger.
  • Children who are currently institutionalized are considered residents of the county that is fiscally responsible for the child on the institutional records.
  • For children of divorced parents, the county responsible for service is the county of residence of the parent having legal custody of the child. If the parents have joint custody and live in different counties the county of residence is the county where the child has his / her primary home.
  • If the child is under guardianship, the county responsible for service is the county of residence of the Guardian or legal custodian.
  • Resident of Ozaukee county - physical presence with intent to remain in that county. For Children's Waiver Program there is a 6 month residency requirement.
  • The child must have a severe physical, emotional or mental impairment that is diagnosed in writing medically, behaviorally, or psychologically.
  • The disability is likely to continue indefinitely and results in substantial handicap to the child in his or her daily functioning and results in functional limitations in several areas of life activities. Documentation of the developmental disability (child onset of mental retardation, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, autism, traumatic brain injury, Prader-Willi syndrome) is required by a qualified physician.

To Make a Referral

If you have further questions or would like to make a referral, please call the Ozaukee County Department of Human Services at 262-284-8200 and ask for the Long Term Care supervisor.