Adults at Risk

Ozaukee County Adult Protective Services staff are responsible for investigating reports of abuse, neglect, self-neglect and financial exploitation of Elders-At-Risk and Adults-at-Risk in our community. Adults sometimes choose to live in, or behave in ways that others would consider unhealthy, unsafe, or even unsanitary. Adult Protective Services focuses on an individual’s right to make their own decisions so long as they are of sound mind. Individuals who are competent are offered resources and encouraged to accept services which will result in a healthier and safer day-to-day life. Individuals who are assessed to be so cognitively impaired, as guided by statutes, that they are a substantial risk to themselves or others receive intervention and protection.

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Prevent and Protect--Tips to Protect yourself

Take Care of yourself-Maintain regular appointments with your medical providers.

Stay Connected-Build a network of family, friends, neighbors and groups to avoid isolation. Participate in community activities, connect with individuals in your church and the local senior center.

Access supportive services-The Aging and Disability Resource Center can help connect you to services that will assist you to remain as independent as possible.

Monitor your Finances-Review Bank and Credit Card statements regularly. Consider making statements available to a trusted individual to review these as well. Consult with someone you trust before making a large purchase or investment. Don’t be pressured or intimidated into immediate decisions.

Get your Legal Documents in Order-Complete your Power of Attorney for Health Care and Finances documents. Be sure to choose agents that you trust, and who will support your wishes.

Special Thanks to members of our Ozaukee County Elder/Adult at Risk Interdisciplinary Team which provides staff and system support.

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