Volunteer Guardian

Be a Volunteer Guardian
Volunteer guardians are needed in Ozaukee County. As a volunteer guardian you would be appointed to help a person who is unable to make independent decisions about their own general welfare. These decisions could be about health care, finances, living arrangements, or social and supportive services. As a volunteer guardian you would be matched with someone whose needs fit your skills, abilities, and interests.

You would receive support and assistance as needed to from the Ozaukee County Adult Protective Services Team and the Wisconsin Guardianship Support Center. People who need help from a Guardian may have a degenerative brain disorder such as Alzheimer's disease, severe and persistent mental illness, developmental disabilities, or a similar problem. If your assistance will help to ensure good quality of life for someone who needs an advocate and has limited support from family or friends please consider this opportunity. Volunteer guardians often find that they enjoy long-lasting friendship beyond the duties of guardianship.

To find out more information about becoming a volunteer guardian, please contact 262-238-8200 or 262-284-8200.