Ozaukee County has established an Elder Abuse Interdisciplinary Team (I-Team) that meets every month. The purpose of this team is not only to educate members on the team as it relates to elder abuse, but the team will also staff certain cases that need an interdisciplinary approach. These meetings have proven to be beneficial as members of the team will bring experiences from their positions and backgrounds which can help shed new light on a particular case.

I-Team Improvement Areas
Our I-Team also discusses systems issues and the areas where we feel the system can improve. One area that has been identified is in the area of increased financial abuse. The identified area then gets special attention through the development of I-Team sub-committees so the subcommittees and the entire I-Team can work together to improve the system. In the example of financial abuse, the Ozaukee I-Team has focused on training bank personnel to better identify cases of financial abuse so that they are better able to work with our county elder abuse and adults-at risk staff on these cases.

The Ozaukee County I-Team has consistently advocated for an active representative from the District Attorney's office. In 2009, the District Attorney agreed to appoint a person from his office to be this representative. This individual is now working actively with both the I-Team and the staff from the Ozaukee County Department of Human Services working in elder abuse and with adults-at-risk.

This individual also serves as a liaison between the local I-Team and the District Attorney's office. Since this appointment, the individuals from the local District Attorney's office have been working closer with our Ozaukee County law enforcement members and the Elder Abuse and adults-at-risk, so that they work together what is needed to successfully prosecute our Financial Exploitation cases.

The I-Team offers some education to the private sector and law enforcement on financial abuse as it seems to be more prevalent in our county now than it has been in past years. Perhaps, the increase in reporting of financial abuse is related to the specific training we have offered local financial institutions. We are now beginning to see more of these cases prosecuted then we saw before.

New Administrator
In 2010, we recruited the administrator from the Ozaukee Family Care Program to serve on our I-Team Committee, as well as an attorney that works with probate cases and also serves as a Guardian Ad Litem for the Ozaukee County Courts. We also recruited representatives from Ozaukee County's Corporation Counsel office, Advocates of Ozaukee County (the local shelter for battered women and their children), as well as representatives that work with people with developmental disabilities. Also, on this committee we have local law enforcement from around Ozaukee County, a representative from our Sheriff's Department, representatives from local financial institutions, and COPE.

Ozaukee County continues to use the state developed WITS system to electronically report Elder Abuse. All reports of elder abuse will continue to be tracked through the WITS system. All reports of abuse of adults-at-risk will also be tracked on the WITS system.