Human Services

Our Mission
The mission of the Ozaukee County Department of Human Services is to work in partnership with our community to effectively sustain or regain the well-being and self-sufficiency of families and individuals.

Our Commitment
Our commitment to the following principles will guide us in achieving our mission statement:
  • To acknowledge that each employee is an essential team member in achieving our Agency's mission
  • To be good stewards of our available resources
  • To encourage decision-making that fosters self-sufficiency and well-being
  • To focus on solutions in our working relationships with our colleagues, clients and the community
  • To improve continually the quality of everything we do
  • To join with our community in an active partnership to address the human service needs of individuals, children and families
  • To recognize individual and group accomplishments in support of our mission
  • To respect and value the dignity, individuality, diversity and confidentiality of community members, clients and colleagues
  • To support personal and professional growth