About K9 Wasko

K9 Wasko

It’s back! The Ozaukee County Sheriff’s Office has re-instated the K9 program and we are excited to announce the newest Sheriff's Deputy, K9 Wasko! He and his handler, Deputy Brad Arndt, are the first K9 unit at the Ozaukee Sheriff’s Office in nearly 15 years. We are excited to see them get to work and help the fight against drugs in Ozaukee County. 

Deputy Arndt and K9 Wasko will take on many roles at the Sheriff’s Office. Not only is Wasko trained in drug detection, but also in search & rescue and the apprehension of suspects. Deputy Arndt and Wasko will be part of the county’s criminal interdiction program, assist in school searches for illegal drugs, will be called upon to assist Ozaukee County’s SRT (Special Response Team). They will also be asked to assist the local jurisdictions when called upon, make public appearances at numerous events and much more!

We look forward to many years with Wasko and partnering with community members, K9 lovers, and law enforcement supporters who appreciate the work that Wasko will do for Ozaukee County and surrounding jurisdictions.

Thank you for your support!

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