Jail Huber Reporting

General Information

Wisconsin State Statute 303.08 outlines the Huber Law. Huber release is a privilege that has been designed to assist those individuals that are employed to retain their jobs or to assist in childcare or family care while serving a jail sentence. Although the court granted this privilege, you must meet the criteria set forth by jail policy to exercise Huber privileges. Violations of the Ozaukee County Jail Huber rules may result in the loss of Huber privilege, disciplinary action, and/or criminal charges. You are expected to report to the jail alcohol and drug-free.  A drug and/or alcohol test will be administered at booking and randomly thereafter.

All persons reporting to the Ozaukee County Jail to begin serving a sentence must report to the Ozaukee County Jail lobby at the date/time ordered by the court. Please review the information packet and complete all necessary documents prior to reporting to ensure a smooth transition. Please call us prior to reporting with any questions.

Huber Forms, Authorizations, Procedures, Info Packet

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Failure to Comply

If you fail to report at the date and time listed on this form, a warrant will be issued for your arrest and possible charges through the District Attorney’s Office may be filed. Do not report to commence your sentence under the influence of intoxicants or drugs. 

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