Alarm Systems

Alarm Permits
Many homes & businesses have home security systems. According to Ozaukee County ordinance, anyone who has an alarm system that would cause the Sheriff’s Department to respond to their property must have an alarm permit. There is a one-time fee of $25 to apply for the permit. Applications are available through the link below.

False Alarms
The Sheriff’s Department responds to many false alarms each year. According to the ordinance, each alarm permit holder is allowed 2 false alarm calls within a calendar year before receiving an alarm service fee invoice. There are many other reasons you should prevent false alarms from occurring at your property.

The Problem with False Alarms
According to the National Burglar and Fire Alarm Association, false alarms can:
  • Take police away from other pressing matters and emergencies
  • Expose officers to unnecessary risk while they respond to your false alarm
  • Become a nuisance to you and your neighbors
  • Lead your neighbors to ignore your alarm, like the little boy who cried wolf
  • Make your security system less credible
  • Make you reluctant to use your system
Causes & Prevention
Statistics show that 76% of false alarms are caused by user error. There are certain precautions you can take to eliminate the potential for false alarms at your property:
  • Make sure anyone with a key to your business or home knows how to operate your alarm system
  • Make special arrangements for guests and repair technicians
  • Have your security company check and service your alarm system (including batteries) regularly
  • Call your security company immediately if your system doesn’t seem to be working properly or before you do any remodeling
If Your Alarm Goes Off…
  1. Don’t panic! Remember your security code.
  2. Find out if there really is an intruder or fire and respond appropriately.
  3. If the alarm activation was accidental, carefully disarm your system according to your system’s instructions.
  4. After you’ve reset the system, wait for the monitoring station to call you.
  5. Don’t leave your home or business until you’ve spoken with your monitoring station and assured them that there is no emergency.
Be Prepared!
  • Rehearse alarm cancellation with everyone who might use your system.
  • Make sure everyone who has a key to your house or business knows how to operate the security system.
  • Give all system users the name and number of your monitoring station and security I.D. in case the alarm sounds.
  • Keep your security system instruction book handy (but not in an obvious place where an intruder can find it).
  • Call your monitoring station if you change your phone number, get a pet, plan to sell or remodel your house or test your system.
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