Hans Pfrang

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Occupation: Student @ UW-Parkside

Fun Fact: Hans will be majoring in theatrical arts and minoring in sociology next year!

Hans never fails to give it his all on stage and really give life to his characters. He is always willing to step in when needed and always goes the extra mile. Thanks for all your hard work, Hans. Good luck next year, we will miss you!

Hans is really into acting and singing

Disco Inferno as Heathcliff
Beauty and the Beast as Lefou
The Little Mermaid as Pierre/Max
Young Frankenstein as Shoeshine Man/Blacken?Villager/Ancestor/Voyager
Shrek as Pig 3 (Brick Pig)/Puss in Boots/Skeleton/Guard
Wizard of Oz as Braggart/Fiddler