2021 Wellness Program

The County is pleased to build on its commitment to employee wellness in 2020 by continuing to offer the $500/$1,000 wellness incentive payments to employees, spouses and retirees who are enrolled in the health insurance plans. The program is now open and is being open and is being administered by a company called WellRight/Axum.  You should have received an email asking you to activate your account.
Any big changes from last year’s program?
Yes, there are two major changes:
1) This year’s program is administered by a wellness vendor, WellRight/Axum.  This means you will complete the program in their portal.  
2) We are making two changes to the biometric requirement.  Instead of measuring BMI we will measure waist circumference; and instead of total cholesteroal, we will measure LDL and HDL cholesterol. 
What is the incentive?

An employee can earn $500. If an employee has a spouse, the spouse may also participate and the couple can earn $1,000. A spouse cannot earn an incentive if the employee does not complete the program.
What are the mandatory activities and program milestones?
 Last day to submit points is December 31, 2021.  You must complete your 1) biometric screening, 2) preventative annual exam, and 3) AgeGauge; in addition, you must earn 600 points.
If you have questions, contact Ellen Jarr, Benefits Manager,
 Email:  ejarr@co.ozaukee.wi.us or by phone (262) 284-8323