2018 Wellness Program

The County is pleased to build on its commitment to employee wellness in 2018 by continuing to offer the $1,000/$500 wellness incentive payments to employees who are enrolled in the health insurance plans.  Employee wellness is the primary area of focus for our health insurance benefits package.  In 2018 the County will build upon and improve our wellness programming in an effort to help you and your families live healthier and happier lives.  We cannot do it without your efforts and we are truly appreciative of all you have done to take an active role in you and your family’s health.  We have made significant strides over the past seven years in our wellness efforts, the costs of treating “lifestyle based” health conditions like, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and obesity have decreased and in turn allowed the county to reinvest in additional programming like Health Risk Assessments and the Oz Health clinic that were launched in 2015.  We have three specific goals in our wellness programming: 

  1. Providing our members with knowledge and a toolbox to be healthy.
  2. Identifying high and medium risk members and partnering with them to improve their health.
  3. Continually improving our wellness programming to enhance future incentives.
Our goal will always be to improve your health by actively engaging you in wellness.  To that end, the $1,000/$500 wellness incentive payments will require participation in the Wellness Points Program.  To qualify for the wellness incentive employees and their spouses enrolled in the health insurance must meet the following requirements.

  1. The employee and spouse must both individually complete the online Health Risk Assessment (HRA), tobacco affidavit, and Biometric Screening before March 31, 2018.
  2. The employee and spouse must both individually earn 600 points Wellness Points by December 14, 2018.  
Have questions? Contact Paul Slack at pslack@quadmedical.com or (414) 566-8307 or Human Resources.