Corporation Counsel

Mission Statement
Our mission statement is to provide professional legal services to Ozaukee county government, including the Board of Supervisors, committees, departments, and connected boards and commissions, as well as providing legal representation of the public interest in statutorily and contractually defined areas.

Department Breakdown
The Corporation Counsel's Office is better described as the county Attorney's Office. Currently the office has 2 attorneys, a corporation counsel, and an assistant corporation counsel. The Child Support Enforcement Office is now under the general supervision of the Corporation Counsel's Office and is being administered by the Assistant Corporation Counsel. The Corporation Counsel's duties include most types of civil law involving the county.

The Corporation Counsel does not handle criminal matters, traffic or general ordinance violations. Those areas and the juvenile criminal matters are handled by the District Attorney's Office. The Corporation Counsel's Office is only minimally involved with labor and insurance law.

Attorney Work
The attorneys do appear in court regularly in the areas of guardianship, mental commitments, juveniles who are abused or in need of services, and collections for the county. The Corporation Counsel's Office does collect fees for guardian ad litem and public defender costs, which were originally paid by the county. The office also collects fees for the Department of Social Services and the Department of Community Programs including foster care costs. The Corporation Counsel provides child support services as well.

There are other costs to the county that are collected by the Corporation Counsel's Office such as damage to highway signs, damage to park property or nonpayment of bills to Lasata Care Center.

Legal Advice & Code Enforcement
The Corporation Counsel's Office gives legal advice to Ozaukee county employees, department heads and elected officials of Ozaukee county. The Corporation Counsel's Office does not advise private individuals, corporations or other governmental agencies. The Corporation Counsel's Office represents the elected officials and employees of Ozaukee county.

In the area of environmental health and zoning, the office enforces the Zoning Codes and prosecutes septic system violations. The Corporation Counsel attends committee meetings and prepares documents for court action. The office also provides legal services to county offices by review and preparation of contracts, leases, and other agreements.

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