State Grants

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Wisconsin Department of Administration (WDOA) / Wisconsin Coastal Management Program (WCMP) 
A 2006 WCMP grant entitled, “Identifying, Prioritizing, and Remediating Stream Passage Impediments and Aquatic Habitat Fragmentation in Ozaukee County, Wisconsin” paved the way for the Fish Passage Program by funding surveys of impediments and habitat in streams in Ozaukee County. This project identified: 
  • Existing in-stream, riparian and wetland habitat, including 29 areas of potentially suitable northern pike spawning habitat.
  • 100 impediments in 11 streams throughout Ozaukee County
A 2011 WCMP grant funded the development and refinement of a GIS based Fish and Wildlife Decision Support Tool, which prioritizes environmental restoration and enhancement projects based on greatest ecological benefit. A 2014 GLFT grant is supporting fish passage impediment and habitat inventories on multiple tributaries to Lake Michigan.
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Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR)
Several WDNR grants from 2010 to 2013 have directly supported fish passage and habitat restoration activities throughout Ozaukee County. The Program works closely with WDNR grant managers and local fisheries management staff to implement various projects, including:
  • Citizen-Based Monitoring Partnership Program (CBMPP) - A 2012 CBMPP grant supported increased volunteer involvement in the Program’s fisheries monitoring efforts in the Milwaukee Estuary Area of Concern, and a 2013 CBMPP grant funded creation of an online citizen-based monitoring form for citizens to document fish passage at the Mequon Thiensville.  This grant also funded hosting of the live streaming underwater camera feed. A 2014 grant supported increased volunteer involvement in fish, wildlife, and avian monitoring on Ulao Creek in conjunction with the large scale Ulao Creek Habitat Restoration Project.
  • County Conservation Aids (CCA) - Multiple CCA grants have assisted with remediation of multiple fish passage impediments, including several culverts and a low-head dam.
  • Dam Removal - Dam Removal grants in 2012 and 2013 supported the removal of the Newburg Dam on the Milwaukee River and a low-head dam on Crystal Springs Creek in Waubedonia County Park an ongoing efforts to remove a dam on Mineral Springs Creek in the City of Port Washington. 
  • Recreational Trail Aids (RTA) - Snowmobile trail crossings in may create fish passage impediments. Multiple RTA grants in 2010 and 2011 have assisted with trail and stream crossing replacements on Fredonia, Riverside Drive, Mole Creek, and Riveredge Creek. 
  • River Protection Management (RPM) - 2012 and 2015 RPM grants are supporting the removal of fish passage impediments in Mineral Springs Creek in the City of Port Washington. 
  • River Protection Planning (RPP) - A 2012 RPP grant supported the development of an educational video highlighting the restoration of fish passage and direct benefits to fisheries resources and recreational opportunities in Ozaukee County. A 2015 RPP grant supported the inventory of fish passage impediments and completion of habitat assessments on multiple direct tributaries to Lake Michigan.