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The Wisconsin Department of Administration (DOA) offers a competitive grant to assist local governments in the development of comprehensive plans. The Ozaukee County Comprehensive Tech Planning Committee has instructed County staff to apply for this grant in 2003. Since this is a competitive grant, grant applications are ranked and funds are distributed until they are gone. Currently, there is $2 million available in grant funds for 2004. After reviewing the history of recent grant recipients, it appears that multi-jurisdictional planning efforts receive funding priority.

"A multi-jurisdictional plan means two or more adjoining local government units participating in the development of a comprehensive plan that covers the jurisdictions of those local governmental units which is adopted separately by each unit under s. 66.1001, Wis. Stat." For Ozaukee County, this means the County would qualify for a multi-jurisdictional grant if it applies with at least two other communities in Ozaukee County.

Ozaukee County has been awarded a $408,000 grant from the DOA! As a part of this process, all Ozaukee County communities, the Village of Newburg and Ozaukee County passed resolutions stating their intentions to develop a countywide comprehensive plan (local communities would each develop a comprehensive plan as part of this process).

Each participating community has adopted a Cooperative Agreement/ Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). These agreements are a formal commitment among the local units of government, Ozaukee County and the Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission to participate in a coordinated, multi-jurisdictional comprehensive planning effort. The agreement specifies the roles and responsibilities of each party through the comprehensive planning process. Only one Ozaukee County community has opted not to participate in this multi-jurisdictional comprehensive planning effort.

The Cooperative Agreement has been passed by:

  • Ozaukee County
  • Town of Belgium
  • Town of Cedarburg
  • Town of Fredonia
  • Town of Grafton
  • Town of Port Washington
  • Town of Saukville
  • Village of Belgium
  • Village of Fredonia
  • Village of Grafton
  • Village of Newburg
  • Village of Saukville
  • Village of Thiensville
  • City of Mequon
  • City of Port Washington
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