Public Health - Lead Testing

Director/Health Officer

Kirsten Johnson


121 W. Main Street Port Washington, WI  53074 


(262) 284-8170

(262) 238-8170 metro


(262) 284-8105

Purpose: To improve the health of all Ozaukee County residents.

Purpose & Core Values

33% of the housing stock in Ozaukee County was built prior to 1978. These homes and especially those units built before 1950 may have potential lead hazards. Lead paint and lead dust can be hazardous to human health and particularly to developing children under the age of six years. This department provides free walk-in lead screening to children ages one through five (8:30 AM to 4:30 PM Mon thru Fri). In addition, a certified lead inspector is available to perform home lead assessments for children with elevated blood lead levels. A HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) vacuum is also available for short-term loan. Please call in advance to reserve the HEPA vacuum at 262-284-8170 (local) or 262-238-8170 (metro).
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