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Journal/Sentinel Online - Link to story Team formed for Mequon preserve - [linkA team of conservation and business specialists has been assembled to prepare a plan to develop the 356-acre Mequon Nature Preserve
Journal/Sentinel Online - Link to story Reuniting with wetlands - [linkRestoration efforts in region bring back marshes, wildlife
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Land trust purchases Lions Den Gorge site - [linkA conservation group Monday purchased the 79-acre Lions Den Gorge in the Town of Grafton, the last significant nature area along Lake Michigan between Milwaukee and Port

Swamp summer - . [linkResearchers taking a close look at the Grafton wetland

This land is our land - [linkIn its recent acquisitions, Ozaukee County has prudently gained ownership of valuable land for public benefit - Ozaukee Press editorial on JS article on Additional park space [link] 
Journal/Sentinel Online - Link to story Additional park space - [linkthe pending purchase of the 152-acre Guenther farmstead north of Highway 33 by Ozaukee County and the nearly complete development of the 123-acre Tendick Nature Center on Highway O - [link] 
Journal/Sentinel Online - Link to story Dam removal a renaissance for fish - [linkafter removing the Chair Factory dam on the Milwaukee River, state environmental researchers have more proof that such a move improves water quality and boosts fish populations - [link
Journal/Sentinel Online - Link to story DNR worker honored - [linkArmin Schwengel's living legacy to future generations is more than 10,400 acres of wetlands and grass-covered hills in southeastern Wisconsin [link
Journal/Sentinel Online - Link to story Mequon preserve called natural gem - [linkThe Mequon Nature Preserve and the groups that cooperated to make it a reality will be honored this month with an award  [link
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Preservation of green space may have a cost - [linkLand use continues to be a major issue in Ozaukee and Washington counties as more people move into the region and more property shifts from farmland to residential areas. [link

Wisconsin Natural Resources, Box 7921, Madison, WI 53707 New runoff rules tell water where to go - [linkThe U.S. EPA's latest assessment of Wisconsin waters found that polluted runoff is a major reason why 44 percent of the state’s river miles and 61 percent of its lake acreage do not fully support the fish and other aquatic life they should. Also see DNR mag. [link
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