Marriages - Frequently Asked Questions


What is needed to get a marriage license?

(Any documents not in English must be translated and notarized)

* Documentary Proof of Identification and Residence: Both the bride and groom must present proof of identification and residence. This is a valid (not expired) driver's license or State ID showing photo for identification and reflecting your current address. If a current address is not shown on the driver's license a utility bill or other correspondence addressed to that person must be presented. Both applicants must provide proof of residence and one applicant must prove residency in Ozaukee County for more than 30 days.

*Social Security Card: Both parties are required to bring Social Security cards or a document with your name and complete Social Security number will be accepted; Ex. W-2 or Military I.D.

*Certified Birth Certificates: All applicants must present a state Certified birth certificate. This is available at the County in which you were born or the State Office of Vital Records. Photocopies, certificates issued by hospitals and birth registration forms are not acceptable.

*Divorce Papers or Death Certificates-see clarification below.

*Date of Ceremony- wedding date must be set before applying for license.

*Officiant -You will need to know the name, address and telephone number of the person performing your wedding ceremony. Letter of sponsorship if out of state officiant.

How much is the fee for a marriage license?

$100.00 payable at time of application. No credit cards, debit cards or out-of-state checks accepted.

When should I apply?

Application should be made at least 7 days before the wedding (due to the 5 day waiting period) but not more than 35 days before the wedding.

How long is the marriage license valid?

30 days – counting starts the day after issuance and ends on day 30.

We are out of state residents; can I apply in Ozaukee County for a license?

Out of state residents can apply in Ozaukee County only if they are getting married in Ozaukee County.

Can there be exceptions to the waiting period requirement?

Please contact our office to discuss your situation.

Do both parties have to be present at the clerk’s office to apply for a license?

Yes, both the bride and groom must apply together.

Are we required to have a blood test?

No, Wisconsin does not require blood tests in order to get married.

How long does it take to get the license?

The approximate time is 15-20 minutes if you have all the correct paperwork that is required.

Do we need an appointment?

No, applications are taken on a first come first serve basis during the hours of 8:30-4:00pm Monday thru Friday.

Can we get an application ahead of time?

No, information is entered directly into computer at time of application.

How do I get information on being married by a judge?

Contact the Clerk of Courts office at 262-284-8409 or 262-238-8409

Do one or both of the marriage license applicants have to be American citizens?

No, but one of the applicants must be a resident of Ozaukee County, or be out-of–state residents getting married in Ozaukee County.

My spouse and I would like to renew our marriage vows. Do we need to get a license for this?

No, a license cannot be granted to persons who are still legally married. If a couple wishes to "reaffirm" their vows, they may do so, but a license cannot be issued for that purpose.

Can I get married by a Judge and then later married in a church?

Yes, you will need the license for the Judge and that day will be your wedding date. Getting married in a church would be like renewing your vows (see question above).

Do I need to have my divorce papers or spouse’s death certificate in order to apply for a marriage license?

Yes. If either of the applicants has been married before, they must bring a file stamped "copy" of the Divorce Judgment, Annulment papers or Certified Death Certificate from their last marriage. The divorce must be final for at least 6 months.

Can I legally marry my cousin?

Persons closer in relationship than second cousins may not marry. First cousins may marry if the female has attained the age of 55 years or where either party at the time of application for marriage license, submits an affidavit signed by a physician stating that either party is permanently sterile.

Can people obtain licenses to marry partners of their own gender?

Persons of the same sex cannot marry in Wisconsin. They may, however, apply for a Declaration of Domestic Partnership. Ask Clerk for more information.

Can I get a refund on the license if it is not used?

NO, once the license is created (which is the day of application) there is no refund.




















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