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Mary Lou Mueller

 Clerk of Circuit Court
 Clerk of Juvenile Court
 Register in Probate

 Ozaukee County Courthouse
 1201 South Spring Street
 Port Washington WI 53074

 Phone: (262) 284-8409
 or (262) 238-8409

 Fax: (262) 284-8491
 or (262) 238-8491

 Hours of Operation
 Monday Friday
 8:00 am 5:00 pm

Information regarding a case may be available to the public online through the Wisconsin Court System.  Actual records can be viewed at the Record Center located within the Courthouse at the address listed to the left. Requests for copies of records and review of files can be made as indicated below. Please note, payment of documents is required at time of request.

How can a request for records be submitted?

  • In person at the address listed to the left

  • By mail at the address listed to the left

  • By fax: 262-284-8491

  • By e-mail: Records Request

  • By Phone: 262-284-8420

What are the associated costs?

  • To conduct a background search on an individual or company where a case number(s) is not supplied a $5.00 per name search fee is assessed pursuant to WI Statute 814.61(11).

  • Copies of documents are $1.25 per page pursuant to WI Statute 814.61(10) or $1.00 per page for probate matters.

  • Certified copies are $5.00 per document pursuant to WI Statute 814.61(5) or $3.00 per document for probate matters.

  • Exemplified copies (triple seal typically for out-of-state filing) is $15.00 for the exemplification, and $1.25 per page for the documents being attached


The Clerk of Courts staff cannot give legal advice. If you would like obtain legal assistance please contact an attorney or the Lawyer Referral and Information Service at (800) 362-9082.
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