1. A total of 11,235 automobiles are built in America this year
  2. Ford Motor Company is incorporated on June 16, 2003, with $28,000 capital. The company earns money immediately, pays a 10% dividend in November. Henry Ford is the company's vice president and chief engineer, with 25.5% interest; John S. Gray is president
  3. The Association of Licensed Automobile Manufacturers (ALAM) is formed, including the Electric Vehicle Company and 8 other automakers. Until 1911, nearly all manufactures of gasoline automobiles pay royalties through ALAM
  4. The Overland automobile goes into production
  5. Some 88 new auto companies begin in 1903, 15 of them in Michigan
  6. The Buick Company is formed, with funds advanced by Benjamin Bricoe, Jr., and Frank Briscoe, to build cars with a valve-in-head engine
  7. The Jackson Automobile Company issues both a gasoline runabout and the Jaxon steamer
  8. Peerless adopts a pressed-steel frame; 3 others follow shortly
  9. Power steering, operated by a separate electric motor, is installed in a Columbia Electric Motor Truck
  10. White Steamers attain perfect scores during 650 mile reliability trails in Great Britain and Ireland
Production Figures
Cadillac 2,497
Ford 1,708
Pope-Hartford 1,500
Rambler 1,350
Winton 850
White 502