1. Arts Put Cedarburg on the Map

    Read the article "Arts Put Cedarburg on the Map" by Anne Davis.

  2. Brewery

    History will be on tap when beer drinkers take their first sip next year in the Silver Creek Brewery along the banks of Cedar Creek.

  3. Cedarburg 1946 - 1964

    See a photographic history of Cedarburg from 1946 - 1964 from the Harold C. Dobberpuhl Collection of the Cedarburg Cultural Center.

  4. Cedarburg Fire Department

    Discover the history of the Cedarburg Fire Department.

  5. Cedarburg Tree Lighting

    Check out details about Cedarburg's Christmas tree lighting.

  6. Christmas Past

    Take a look into Cedarburg's Christmas past.

  7. Concordia Hamilton Mill

    Learn about the history of Concordia Hamilton Mill.

  8. First Immanuel Lutheran Church

    See the history of the First Immanuel Lutheran Church.

  1. Hamilton Turnhalle

    Find out the history of the Hamilton Turnhalle.

  2. Hilgen - Wittenberg Dam

    Discover the history behind the Hilgen - Wittenberg Dam.

  3. History of the Covered Bridge

    Explore the history of the covered bridge in Cedarburg..

  4. Japanese Tea House

    Gain details about the Japanese Tea House.

  5. Milwaukee Northern Interurban

    Find how the Milwaukee Northern Interurban had a start in Cedarburg.

  6. St. Francis' Church

    Learn about the history of St. Francis' Church at the end of downtown Cedarburg.

  7. Street Clocks & Awnings

    Check out the history of the street clocks and awnings in downtown Cedarburg.