Centennial Jubilee

  1. 1901 Time Capsule

    Learn about the 1901 cornerstone time capsule.

  2. 2002 Time Capsule Ceremony

    Take a step into the past, and learn about the 2002 time capsule ceremony.

  3. 2002 Time Capsule Content

    View a full list of items put into the 2001 - 2002 time capsule.

  4. Committee & Volunteers

    View a list of the committee and centennial volunteers.

  5. County Board 1910

    View a photo of the County Board of 1910.

  6. County Board 2001

    See a photo of the County Board of 2001.

  7. County Elected Officials

    View a photo of the 2001 County Elected Officials.

  8. Miss Columbia Ceiling Mural

    View the Miss Columbia ceiling mural.

  9. Program

    Check out the Centennial Jubilee program.

  10. Sponsors

    Find out who sponsored the Centennial Jubilee.

  11. To 2101

    Read the words written to be put into the 2101 time capsule.

  12. Unlocking the Past

    Peruse this article written by Jeff Cole.