Ozaukee County

  1. Civil War Riot Commemoration

    On the morning of November 11, 1862, attorney and draft commissioner William A. Pors William A. Pors, an immigrant German Protestant and native American businessman of the county seat in Port Washington, began working on the draft.

  2. County Board Chairpersons

    A complete list of chairpersons from 1914 to present.

  3. County Courthouse

    Ozaukee County was formed from Washington County in 1853 with Port Washington being chosen as the new county seat. View the history of the County Courthouse.

  4. County History

    Look at this historical overview presentation about Ozaukee County.

  5. Courthouse Restoration Project

    Discover information about the Courthouse Restoration Project.

  6. Historical Photo Book

    View information and pieces of this historical photo book produced by the Ozaukee County Historical Society.

  7. Historical Society

    Access details about the Ozaukee County Historical Society.

  8. History Lesson Outdoors

    Read the article written by Jim Cryns about life during the Revolutionary War.

  9. History of Bayside

    Visit the Bayside website.

  10. History of Interurban Transit Line

    Check out information about the history of the interurban transit line and what it is today.

  11. History of Ozaukee County

    Read a history overview of Ozaukee County written by Don Silldorff.

  12. History of Washington & Ozaukee Counties 1881

    Read a history of Washington and Ozaukee counties.

  13. Interesting Highlights of the Early History

    Explore interesting details of the early history of Ozaukee County.

  14. My Living Legacy

    Visit the My Living Legacy website.

  15. Octagonal Barns

    Learn the history behind the octagonal barns in Ozaukee County.

  16. Overview of Ozaukee County

    Ozaukee County is the smallest land area County in the State of Wisconsin, covering 235 square miles of land area. Learn more here!

  17. Ozaukee County Breweries

    Explore the history of Ozaukee County breweries.

  18. Patriots Day 2002

    Read an account of the one year anniversary of the September 11, 2001 attacks on the United States.

  19. Snow Fun in Ozaukee County

    Ozaukee County has received a fare amount of snow so far this winter, but most of it has fallen at times that are not conducive to outdoor recreation.

  20. These Places Are Hardly Run of the Mill

    Read this article written by Dan Benson.

  21. Welcome to the Past

    Celebration of the 100th anniversary of the old courthouse's construction.

  22. Wisconsin Tall Ship Sails Into Port Washington