Land & Water Management Programs

Best Management Practices Program
Best Management Practices (BMPs) are intended to reduce non point source water pollution, such as fertilizer runoff. The Planning, Resources, and Land Management Department (PRLM) offers technical assistance for the design and installation of BMPs.

Cost-sharing for installation of BMPs may also be available. In 1998, landowners were offered cost-sharing of up to 70%, with a $3,000 maximum. Program administration is subject to change from year to year.

Nutrient & Pest Management Program
Through the Nutrient and Pest Management Program, the PRLM provides assistance to landowners to develop plans that minimize inputs of commercial fertilizers and pesticides and maximize utilization of nutrients on cropped fields while protecting water quality.

Milwaukee River Priority Watershed Project
Milwaukee River Priority Watershed Project allows the PRLM to provide technical and financial assistance to property owners located within the Milwaukee River watershed boundaries. Assistance is provided to develop comprehensive conservation plans for the reduction of non point source pollution. The project closes in the year 2003.

Wildlife Crop Damage Abatement Program
Through the Wildlife Crop Damage Abatement Program, the PRLM provides technical and financial assistance to reduce damage to for profit crops from deer, geese, and wild turkey. Crop damage payments may be available to program participants.

For further information on any of these programs, contact the Ozaukee County Land and Water Resources at 262-284-8270.