Decommissioned Committees

  1. Administrative Committee

    View the agendas and minutes for the Administrative Committee.

  2. County Facilities Rental Ad Hoc Study Committee

    See this committee on facility rentals.

  3. Emergency Dispatch Task Force

    Be in touch with this task force on emergency services.

  4. Fairgrounds Ad Hoc Committee

    See the committee that tends to the fairgrounds.

  5. Farmland Preservation Board

    See how Ozaukee County farmland is preserved.

  6. Hot Mix Study Committee

    View this committee's actions on patchwork for roads.

  7. Land Information Council

    See info in the agendas and minutes on GIS mapping.

  8. Long Term Support Planning

    See the agendas and minutes for this committee.

  9. Ozaukee County Water Summit

    View this summit on water conservation in Ozaukee County.

  10. Reorganization Committee

    Gain details on county reorganizations.

  11. Revolving Loan Fund

    Learn more about revolving loans.

  12. Trail Advisory Council

    Gain details on how the county is advised on trails.

  13. Ulao Creek Partnership

    Check out meeting agendas for this partnership.