• "Even though I've lived at Lasata Heights a short time I love everything about it.  The beautiful surroundings, the friendly residents, and the varied activities which are so fun and enjoyable.  I know this is the perfect place for me. The food is great too!" M.W.
  • "At 79 years of age I wanted to be the one to decide whr I wanted and needed to spend the rest of my life. I toured and interviewed with my family several senior housing campuses.  The Heights at Lasata Campus is the one that fills my needs and wishes. The campus has 3 levels of care available: 1) The Heights which is independent living apartments, 2)The Crossings which is assisted living, and 3)The Care Center which is complete care. The Heights has a full time cooperative and helpful staff including Manager, Activity Director, Maintenance and kitchen staff of servers, and more. I feel I have joined a caring, loving, fun family and feel so fortunate and safe." M.S.
  • I moved into my apartment in 2011 and have never once regretted the move.  Everyone here is nice and friendly.  There are so many things to do, card playing, music, crafts, exercise classes, movies, lawn parties, etc. and all to me are fun.  I love volunteering and do a lot of it at the Crossings and the Care Center.  I have made many new friends at all three places. I could go on and on. What more could I ask for?"J.K.
  • "So many of my friends and family have commented on how much better I am doing and how much happier I am since I moved to the Heights.  I don't know why I waited!" D.S.
  • "I just love my apartment.  Everyone's so nice.  When I talked with my sister I told her she should live in a place just like this.  It's great!"  M.W.
  • "Living here, I never feel alone."  C.W.
  • "I've never been happier!"  L.H.
  • "There's always so much to do around here.  I have to check the activity board every morning and night so I don't miss anything!"  E.M.
  • "I've been here for 12 years and I have no complaints!  I just love living here!