Volunteer Opportunities at the Crossings
  • Computer Help! Could you answer questions and give basic instructions to our Seniors and help them with their computer skills?
  • Do you have a playful, friendly Cat??  We are looking for a volunteer with a Cat that you would be willing to bring for pet visits.  Volunteers must be at least 18 years old and accept full legal and financial responsibility of their pet's actions.  Additionally proof of the cat's annual vaccinations must be provided.
  • Manicures: Anytime you pick the schedule; perform Manicures for our Tenants.  File, buff and paint nails.  We will accommodate to fit your schedule and provide all supplies.  Weekly, monthly??  You name it.
  • Every Wednesday at 1:30 p.m.  Assist with Bingo. 
  • Decorating for Special Parties and Holidays. (dates/times vary)
  • Wii Games.  Our tenants LOVE Wii Bowling but we are looking to introduce other Wii games to them (Wheel of Fortune, The Price is Right, Are you Smarter than a 5th Grader etc.) Assist tenants with setting up and running the games.
  • Help with Special Events; This would be on an "on-call" type basis; we would contact you with dates; you let us know if you're available.
  • Help with Outings off the Lasata Campus. This could be to a movie, the Library, out to Lunch, Brewers Game or shopping. Dates and time commitments will vary based on where we are going. For example the Library could be an hour; a Brewer game would be most of the day. (we would pay for your ticket)
Please be advised that to be a Volunteer on the Lasata Campus you will need to complete a Volunteer application and attend a short orientation.  Please understand that a backgound check may be performed.  Click on the links below to review the Volunteer information. 

All supplies needed for any Volunteer opportunity will be provided by the Crossings.  If you have the time or talents and you would like to volunteer, please contact Laurel Bath at 262-512-3112 or via email.

Volunteer Application
Volunteer Brochure 
Volunteer Orientation Packet