Volunteer Opportunities at the Heights

  • New, unused, unopened items for game prizes -
    • tissue packs, toothpaste, toothbrushes, hand lotions, etc.
    • cough drops, hard candies, cookie, cracker or candy packs, etc.
    • playing cards, puzzle books (large print is best), note cards
    • sponges, hand wipes, sanitizers, hand soaps, etc
  • Come take a walk with a friend!  We have several tenants who would love to get outside to enjoy the breezes and birds and take a short walk or ride in their wheelchairs but don't feel comfortable going out alone.
  • FOUND! THANK YOU ETHAN AND HAILEY! Computer Help Desk!  Could you answer simple questions and give basic instruction on some computer skills for seniors?  WE NEED YOU!
  • FOUND! THANK YOU ALEX! Looking for Wii players! Would love to try some new games and Wii activities with the tenants to see what they might like!  They have mastered Bowling for sure and the golfers are having a great time as well!
  • FOUND! THANK YOU ROGENE AND ETHAN AND HAILEY! Love to play games?  Looking to introduce or "reintroduce" some new and different games! 
  • FOUND! THANK YOU ROGENE! We have some great tenant helpers...but some extra "Librarian" skills in our Reading Room would be great to keep our books shelved properly and looking welcoming!
  • FOUND! THANK YOU MARIE AND JOAN! SCRAPBOOKER WANTED!Love scrapbooking?  We would love a helper to get, and keep, our Heights Scrapbook up to date!  Creativity welcome!
  • DISCUSSION GROUP FACILITATOR WANTED! I would like to start an intellectually challenging discussion group - perhaps related to trivia and memory work or "mock-trial" type discussions of issues - real life or ficticious.  Sound interesting? 
  • BIG NEED! We would LOVE a LIVE chair yoga instructor for our very dedicated yoga group.  They participate faithfully in a DVD series twice weekly but a new instructor even once or twice a month would be a great treat!
  • Have an idea for a great activity you'd like to try with Seniors?  Let's talk! 
  • Please contact Sarah King at 262-512-3104 or by Email